Have you experienced the resume black hole? We sure have!

You know that black hole where you sent out a resume for that perfect job and then waited for a response never knowing if the resume had ever been seen. It's both discouraging and frustrating.

We needed a resume where we could see EVERY time a potential employer viewed our resume, what they looked at and how often. We wanted to be able to customize and make our resumes engaging including special messages specific for each job application.

Nothing like it existed so we created the A.I. RESUME, posted a few customized applications, and secured jobs within DAYS (We had been applying for jobs for what seemed an eternity). For the first time we knew EXACTLY which employer was viewing our resume, how often, and what they were doing--this really encouraged us in our job search and we were free from that stress of not knowing!

We encourage you to sign up for A.I. RESUME--it worked for us and we are confident it will work for you as well.

The A.I. RESUME Team

Resumes are history!

Build a new kind of resume that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and get a job today!

Let's upgrade your resume right now for free. Upload your resume now, and we will give you tips & tricks we have learned to make it a 21st century resume that will get you a job fast...

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