How to Write a Outside Sales Cover Letter (With Example)

Discover how to write a persuasive outside sales cover letter with clear steps and a practical example. This guide includes key tips to help you make a strong first impression and boost your chances of securing the position.

Writing a good cover letter for an outside sales job is very important. It's often the first thing a possible employer sees, so it needs to make a strong first impression. Outside sales jobs are different from other roles because they involve meeting customers face-to-face and selling products or services outside of an office.

A cover letter for this kind of job should show that you're good at talking to people, solving problems, and working on your own. It's a chance to tell the employer why you'd be great at selling their products or services. You can use the cover letter to talk about your past sales success and how you've helped other companies make more money.

In this article, we'll explain how to write a cover letter that will help you get noticed for outside sales jobs. We'll talk about what to include, how to make it sound professional, and give you tips to make your letter stand out. Plus, we'll show you an example of a good outside sales cover letter so you can see how it all comes together.

Remember, your cover letter is like a sales pitch for yourself. Just like you would prepare to sell a product to a customer, you need to prepare to sell your skills and experience to a possible employer. By following the advice in this article, you'll be able to write a cover letter that shows why you're the right person for the outside sales job.

Outside Sales Cover Letter Example

Alvin Gomez
(490) 246-7789
Louise Mckinney
Hiring Manager

Dear Louise Mckinney,

I am writing to express my strong interest in the Outside Sales position at HubSpot. As a results-driven sales professional with a passion for building relationships and driving revenue growth, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to HubSpot's continued success in the competitive software industry.

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in consultative selling, pipeline management, and client relationship building. While my resume provides a comprehensive overview of my professional background, I'd like to highlight a few key achievements that demonstrate my potential value to HubSpot:

• Consistently exceeded sales quotas by an average of 120% year-over-year in my previous roles • Developed and implemented innovative sales strategies that resulted in a 35% increase in new client acquisitions • Cultivated long-term relationships with key decision-makers, leading to a 90% client retention rate • Demonstrated adaptability by quickly mastering new product offerings and integrating them into effective sales pitches

What sets me apart is my ability to combine data-driven insights with a personalized approach to sales. I am particularly drawn to HubSpot's commitment to inbound marketing and sales methodology, which aligns perfectly with my own philosophy of providing value to customers at every stage of the buyer's journey.

Moreover, I am impressed by HubSpot's culture of innovation and growth. Your recent expansion into new markets and the continuous evolution of your product suite speak to the dynamic nature of the company – an environment in which I thrive.

I am confident that my track record of success, coupled with my enthusiasm for HubSpot's mission, makes me an ideal candidate for this role. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience can contribute to HubSpot's sales objectives and overall growth strategy.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of speaking with you further about this exciting opportunity.


Alvin Gomez

How to Write & Format a Cover Letter Header

The header of your outside sales cover letter is the first thing a hiring manager will see, making it crucial to create a professional and polished impression right from the start. This section contains your contact information and the recipient's details, setting the stage for the rest of your letter.

Include Your Contact Information

Begin by listing your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Ensure all information is current and accurate. If you have a professional LinkedIn profile, you may include the URL as well.

Add the Date

Include the date you're sending the letter. This helps establish a timeline and keeps your application organized.

Recipient's Information

Next, add the recipient's details. If possible, address the letter to a specific person rather than using a generic greeting. Include their name, title, company name, and address. If you don't know the hiring manager's name, try to find it through research or by calling the company directly.

Use a Professional Greeting

Finally, add a professional salutation. "Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name]:" is standard. If you can't find the recipient's name, use "Dear Hiring Manager:" as a last resort.

Remember, attention to detail in your header demonstrates your professionalism and thoroughness – qualities highly valued in outside sales roles. A well-crafted header sets the tone for a compelling cover letter that showcases your sales expertise and enthusiasm for the position.

Alvin Gomez
(490) 246-7789
Louise Mckinney
Hiring Manager

Greeting Your Potential Employer

After crafting a professional header, the next crucial element of your outside sales cover letter is the greeting. This section sets the tone for your letter and demonstrates your attention to detail.

Use a personalized greeting

Whenever possible, address the hiring manager by name. Research the company's website or LinkedIn to find the appropriate contact. If you can't find a specific name, use a generic but professional greeting.

Examples of effective greetings

  • "Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name],"
  • "Dear [Full Name],"
  • "Dear Hiring Manager,"
  • "Dear Sales Team Recruiter,"

Avoid outdated or overly casual greetings

Steer clear of greetings like "To Whom It May Concern" or "Hey there!" as they can come across as impersonal or unprofessional.

Remember, a well-crafted greeting shows respect and enthusiasm for the position, setting a positive tone for the rest of your cover letter.

Introducing Yourself in a Cover Letter

The introduction of your outside sales cover letter is crucial as it sets the tone for the entire document and captures the reader's attention. This section should be concise, engaging, and tailored to the specific sales position you're applying for.

Begin by mentioning how you learned about the job opportunity and express your enthusiasm for the role. Highlight your most relevant qualifications and achievements that align with the company's needs. This is your chance to make a strong first impression and demonstrate your understanding of the industry and the company's goals.

Consider including a brief statement about why you're interested in working for this particular organization. Show that you've done your research by mentioning a recent company accomplishment or a specific aspect of their products or services that resonates with you.

Remember to keep your introduction focused and avoid repeating information from your resume. Instead, use this space to showcase your personality and communication skills, which are essential in outside sales roles. Your goal is to entice the reader to continue reading and learn more about your qualifications.

By crafting a compelling introduction, you increase your chances of standing out from other applicants and securing an interview. Make every word count and ensure that your opening paragraph aligns with the company's culture and the specific requirements of the outside sales position.

Strong Example

Dear Hiring Manager,

As a results-driven sales professional with over 8 years of experience in outside sales and a track record of consistently exceeding quotas by 20% year-over-year, I am thrilled to apply for the Outside Sales Representative position at XYZ Corporation. My passion for building lasting client relationships, coupled with my deep understanding of the industrial equipment market, aligns perfectly with your company's mission to provide innovative solutions to manufacturers nationwide.

Why is this a strong example?

This introduction is strong for several reasons. First, it immediately highlights the candidate's relevant experience and quantifiable achievements, demonstrating their value to the potential employer. The mention of '8 years of experience' and 'exceeding quotas by 20%' provides concrete evidence of their success. Second, it shows enthusiasm for the specific role and company, indicating that the applicant has done their research and is genuinely interested in the position. Third, it connects the candidate's skills and experience directly to the company's needs and mission, showcasing how they can contribute to the organization's goals. The introduction is concise yet informative, setting a professional tone and enticing the reader to continue reading the rest of the cover letter.

Weak Example

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to apply for the Outside Sales position at your company. I saw the job posting online and thought I would be a good fit. I have some sales experience and I'm looking for a new opportunity.

Why is this a weak example?

This is a weak example of a Cover Letter Introduction for an Outside Sales position for several reasons. First, the greeting 'To whom it may concern' is impersonal and outdated, showing a lack of effort to research the company or hiring manager. Second, the opening statement is generic and doesn't grab attention. It fails to demonstrate enthusiasm or specific interest in the role or company. Third, the candidate provides vague information about their experience and motivation, missing an opportunity to highlight key qualifications or achievements. Lastly, the tone is passive and unengaging, which is particularly problematic for a sales position where strong communication skills are crucial. A strong introduction should be personalized, energetic, and immediately showcase the candidate's relevant skills and passion for sales.

Writing the Body of Your Cover Letter

The body of your outside sales cover letter is where you can really showcase your qualifications and enthusiasm for the role. This section should highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements that make you an ideal candidate for the position.

Highlight Relevant Skills and Experiences

Focus on skills that are directly applicable to outside sales, such as communication, negotiation, and relationship-building. Provide specific examples of how you've successfully used these skills in previous roles.

Demonstrate Industry Knowledge

Show that you understand the company's products, services, and target market. Mention any relevant industry experience or certifications you possess that could benefit the organization.

Quantify Your Achievements

Use concrete numbers and statistics to illustrate your sales successes. For example, mention specific sales targets you've exceeded or revenue growth you've contributed to in previous positions.

Address Company Needs

Research the company and tailor your letter to address their specific needs or challenges. Explain how your unique skills and experiences can help them achieve their goals.

Show Enthusiasm

Convey your passion for sales and your excitement about the opportunity to join their team. Explain why you're particularly interested in working for this company and how you align with their values and mission.

By crafting a compelling body for your cover letter, you'll demonstrate your value as a potential outside sales representative and increase your chances of securing an interview.

Strong Example

As a seasoned outside sales professional with over 8 years of experience in the technology sector, I am excited to bring my expertise to the Sales Representative position at TechInnovate Solutions. Throughout my career, I have consistently exceeded sales targets and built lasting relationships with clients across diverse industries.

In my current role at DataTech Systems, I have achieved 120% of my annual sales quota for three consecutive years, resulting in over $5 million in new business. My success stems from my ability to identify clients' pain points and tailor innovative solutions to meet their specific needs. I pride myself on my consultative approach, which has led to a 95% client retention rate and numerous referrals.

I am particularly drawn to TechInnovate Solutions' commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer-centric approach. Your focus on AI-driven solutions aligns perfectly with my experience in selling complex software systems. I am confident that my track record of success, combined with my passion for technology, makes me an ideal candidate to help drive TechInnovate's growth in the competitive market.

Why is this a strong example?

This is a strong example of a Cover Letter Body for an Outside Sales position because it effectively highlights the candidate's relevant experience, quantifiable achievements, and alignment with the company's values. The content is tailored to the specific role and company, demonstrating the applicant's research and genuine interest.

The example provides concrete metrics (120% of sales quota, $5 million in new business, 95% client retention rate) that showcase the candidate's success in previous roles. It also emphasizes key skills crucial for outside sales, such as relationship-building, problem-solving, and a consultative approach.

Furthermore, the letter connects the candidate's experience with the company's focus (AI-driven solutions and complex software systems), showing how the applicant's background makes them a strong fit for the position. The confident yet professional tone throughout the letter is appropriate for a sales role, where self-assurance is valued.

Weak Example

I am writing to apply for the Outside Sales position at your company. I have some experience in sales and I think I would be good at this job. I am a hard worker and I like talking to people. I can work long hours and I have a car, so I can travel to meet clients. I hope you will consider me for this position.

Why is this a weak example?

This is a weak example of a Cover Letter Body for an Outside Sales position for several reasons. Firstly, it lacks specificity and fails to highlight any concrete achievements or skills relevant to outside sales. The language used is vague and generic, with phrases like 'some experience' and 'I think I would be good,' which fail to instill confidence in the applicant's abilities. The letter doesn't demonstrate knowledge of the company or industry, nor does it explain how the applicant's skills would benefit the employer. Additionally, it misses opportunities to showcase important traits for outside sales such as persuasiveness, relationship-building skills, or a track record of meeting sales targets. The overall tone is passive and lacks the enthusiasm and confidence typically expected in a sales professional.

How to Close Your Cover Letter

The closing of your outside sales cover letter is your final opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager. It should reinforce your enthusiasm for the position, express gratitude for the reader's time and consideration, and include a clear call to action.

Restate Your Value Proposition

Briefly reiterate why you're an excellent fit for the role, highlighting your key strengths or achievements that align with the company's needs.

Express Gratitude

Thank the reader for their time and consideration. This demonstrates professionalism and courtesy.

Include a Call to Action

Indicate your eagerness to discuss the opportunity further and provide your contact information. Mention that you'll follow up if appropriate.

Use an Appropriate Closing

End your letter with a professional closing such as "Sincerely," "Best regards," or "Thank you," followed by your full name.


If submitting a hard copy, leave space for your handwritten signature above your typed name. For digital submissions, a typed name is sufficient.

Remember, the closing should be concise yet impactful, leaving the reader with a positive impression and a clear next step. Tailor your closing to reflect your personality while maintaining a professional tone that aligns with the company culture.

Strong Example

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to XYZ Company's sales growth and would welcome the chance to discuss how my track record of exceeding quotas and building lasting client relationships aligns with your team's goals. I look forward to speaking with you soon and demonstrating how I can drive results for XYZ Company.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Why is this a strong example?

This is a strong cover letter closing for several reasons. First, it expresses gratitude for the reader's consideration, which is polite and professional. Second, it reiterates enthusiasm for the position, showing genuine interest. Third, it subtly reminds the reader of key qualifications (exceeding quotas and building client relationships) that are relevant to an outside sales role. Fourth, it includes a call to action by expressing a desire for further discussion. Finally, it confidently states the candidate's ability to drive results, which is crucial in a sales position. The closing is concise yet impactful, leaving a strong final impression and potentially prompting the hiring manager to take the next step in the hiring process.

Weak Example

Thanks for reading my letter. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!

Sincerely, John Smith

Why is this a weak example?

This is a weak example of a Cover Letter Closing for an Outside Sales position for several reasons. Firstly, the tone is overly casual and lacks professionalism, which is crucial in a business context. The phrase 'Thanks for reading my letter' sounds perfunctory and doesn't add value. Secondly, it fails to reiterate interest in the position or company, missing an opportunity to leave a strong final impression. The closing also doesn't include any call to action or mention of follow-up, which is particularly important in a sales role where proactivity is valued. Finally, the sign-off 'Have a nice day!' is too informal for a professional letter. A stronger closing would reaffirm the candidate's enthusiasm for the role, highlight their sales skills, and indicate a proactive approach to following up.

Cover Letter FAQs for Outside Sales


What is the ideal format and length for an outside sales cover letter?


An outside sales cover letter should be concise, typically one page long (3-4 paragraphs). Use a professional business letter format with your contact information, date, recipient's details, a formal salutation, body paragraphs, closing, and signature. Keep it focused on your most relevant skills and experiences for the outside sales position.


What key elements should I include in my outside sales cover letter?


Include a strong opening statement, highlight your relevant sales achievements, demonstrate your knowledge of the company and industry, showcase your communication and interpersonal skills, express enthusiasm for the role, and end with a clear call to action for an interview.


How can I make my outside sales cover letter stand out?


To make your cover letter stand out, use specific sales metrics and achievements, tailor it to the company's needs, show your understanding of their products or services, incorporate industry-specific language, and demonstrate your ability to build and maintain client relationships.


Should I mention my sales targets or quotas in my outside sales cover letter?


Yes, mentioning specific sales targets or quotas you've achieved can be very effective. Use concrete numbers and percentages to showcase your success, such as 'Exceeded sales targets by 120% for three consecutive quarters' or 'Generated $500,000 in new business within the first year.'


How do I address gaps in employment in my outside sales cover letter?


If you have gaps in employment, briefly address them in your cover letter if necessary. Focus on any relevant skills or experiences gained during that time, such as freelance sales work, professional development, or volunteer activities related to sales or customer service.


Is it necessary to research the company before writing an outside sales cover letter?


Yes, researching the company is crucial. Use your research to tailor your cover letter, showing your understanding of the company's products, services, target market, and challenges. This demonstrates your genuine interest and helps you align your skills with the company's needs, making your application more compelling.