2 Sales Development Representative Resume Examples & Writing Guide

Sales Development Representatives engage leads to drive interest in products/services. A strong resume is key to landing SDR jobs. This guide shares 2 SDR resume samples and expert tips for resume sections like the summary, experience, and skills. Learn how to create an impactful resume that grabs hiring manager attention and helps you get more interviews.

A resume is like your personal sales pitch. When applying for Sales Development Representative roles, your resume needs to quickly show hiring managers you have the skills and experience to succeed. But knowing exactly what to include and how to describe your qualifications can be tricky, especially if selling yourself doesn't come naturally.

That's where this guide comes in. We'll walk you through the key sections every Sales Development Representative resume should have, share writing tips to make your accomplishments shine, and provide two resume samples you can use as inspiration. Whether you're an SDR veteran or looking to break into the field, these strategies will help your resume stand out from the stack and land more interviews.

By the end, you'll have a clear plan for transforming your resume into a persuasive, professional representation of your sales abilities. Let's dive in and start crafting a resume that opens doors to exciting SDR opportunities.

Common Responsibilities Listed on Sales Development Representative Resumes

  • Prospecting and identifying potential customers through various channels (cold calling, email outreach, social media, etc.)
  • Qualifying leads and assessing their needs, fit, and buying potential
  • Building and maintaining a pipeline of qualified leads for the sales team
  • Conducting product demonstrations and presentations to showcase the company's offerings
  • Collaborating with the sales team to develop targeted strategies and overcome objections
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of leads and sales activities in a CRM system
  • Researching and understanding the target market, industry trends, and competitor offerings
  • Attending networking events, trade shows, and industry conferences to identify new business opportunities

How to write a Resume Summary

In a rapidly evolving professional world, the significance of a well-defined summary or objective section on your resume cannot be overstated. This small paragraph often constitutes the first set of details a potential employer engages with, making it instrumental in shaping their initial perceptions of you. Unlike the rest of your resume, which is largely factual and lists your qualifications and past experiences, the summary/objective area often provides the liberty of introspection and personal presentation.

Why is it Essential

Think of this section as your personal brand statement on the resume, focusing on what you offer and what you want to achieve. Here, you set the tone, present your long-term career goals, and highlight the skills that make you an ideal fit as a Sales Development Representative. Thus, naturally, your summary or objective needs to be persuasive yet truthful, professional but approachable, strong without sounding boastful.

A Balance of Hard and Soft Skills

When you are selling products or services, hard skills pertinent to sales like strategic planning, customer relations or lead generation are indeed important, but so are soft skills like communication, empathy, and teamwork. Be sure to highlight these in your summary or objective. They can give the employer a glimpse of your character, beyond just your professional skills.

Moving Beyond Jargon and Buzzwords

Due to word limitations, it might be tempting to stuff your summary with industry jargon or trendy buzzwords. This isn't beneficial. Instead, opt for clear, precise language that paints an accurate picture of what you bring to the table. Be honest and genuine, and resist the urge to oversell.

Tailor it to Every Application

Each company and job description is unique, and your resume should reflect that. Read through each job application carefully and modify your summary or objective based on what the organization is looking for. This not only shows that you've done your homework but also highlights your willingness to adapt and grow.

Review, Edit, and Review Again

As with any form of writing, your first draft won't be perfect. Be patient with yourself. Write a first draft, take a break, come back to review, and make necessary changes. This could include cutting down on redundant phrases, checking for grammar and spelling errors, or making your language more succinct.

Remember, a perfect summary or objective doesn't guarantee a job, but it certainly can attract attention and induce curiosity to know more about you. Use this space wisely to proudly introduce yourself and let the rest of your resume justify what you've highlighted here.

(Note: The imaginary section below this showcases concrete examples of good and bad summary/objective sections. Image display is not within my control.)

Strong Summaries

  • Experienced Sales Development Representative with a proven track record in building new business relationships and driving business growth. Skilled in identifying potential leads, nurturing client relationships, and closing deals.
  • Award-winning Sales Representative with more than five years of experience in technology industries. Known for creating successful sales campaigns and leading cross-functional teams to meet or exceed ambitious performance targets.
  • Driven, goal-oriented Sales Development Representative with a knack for reaching decision-makers and establishing major accounts. Proficient in CRM software and innovative marketing strategies.
  • Motivated Sales Development Representative with demonstrated history of surpassing quotas by up to 150%. Expert in conducting market analyses and utilizing findings to expand customer base and boost company revenue.

Why these are strong?

These examples demonstrate the best practices for a Professional Summary on a Sales Development Representative resume. They are good because they show the candidate’s years of experience, relevant skills, track record, strengths, achievements, and the tangible impact they brought into their previous organizations. They capture the job applicant's scope of experience, core competencies, and the value they can bring to the company. They are all unique in their approach, focusing on different strengths — whether it be relationship building, leading teams, market analysis, or exceeding quotas — thus each one can appeal to different employers depending on what they value in a candidate. All examples are concise, specific, and professionally relevant, which allows recruiters to understand the candidates' capabilities and potential contributions at a single glance.

Weak Summaries

  • Sales rep here who loves talking to people and ready to make some money. I've sold pretty much anything you can think of, cars, shoes, electronics - you name it!
  • Professional Salesperson with lots of experience in things like convincing people to buy stuff. Looking to bring my persuasive skills to your company.
  • Currently employed as a Sales Associate but wanting to join your company because I'm looking for a higher salary and more commission.
  • I have sold many things in the past and I am quite good at it. I am hoping to join your company to utilize my skills and improve my sales techniques. Also, I am a very easy going person who gets along with everyone.

Why these are weak?

These examples are bad for a variety of reasons. First, they don't demonstrate any specific skills or measurable achievements, instead using vague descriptions such as 'selling things' or 'convincing people'. They don't provide any details about sales strategies used, key performance metrics, or professional accomplishments. Second, they come off as unprofessional due to the casual language and tone used, and emphasis on self-interest (like wanting a higher salary), instead of what value they could bring to the company. Finally, they fail to show any understanding of the company and its products or the necessary research expected from a sales professional. A good professional summary should be concise and packed with relevant, quantifiable data showcasing the candidate's skill set and how they can deliver tangible results.

Showcase your Work Experience

Framing the narrative of your professional journey in the 'Work Experience' section is often the most critical aspect of a resume. It's more than just a listing of jobs held; it's an opportunity to showcase your skills, share your achievements, and demonstrate your growth in your field. You're a Sales Development Representative, and your work experience should highlight your business development expertise, sales operations knowledge, and customer relationship management.


Balancing relevant information with brevity is key when detailing your work experience. Start by including:

  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Employment Duration
  • Location of Employment

The inclusion of these basic details sets the groundwork for the reader to understand your professional background.


Next comes the challenging part - describing the tasks undertaken and their impact. Focus on your achievements rather than monotonously listing your everyday tasks. Use action verbs to highlight your accomplishments and contributions. While providing insights into your 'Sales Development Representative' role, you may discuss how you identified sales opportunities, boosted customer engagement or built productive relationships. Harness this section to narrate your sales journey without resorting to technical jargon, making it relatable to a broad spectrum of readers.

Expert Tip

Quantify your achievements and impact using concrete numbers, metrics, and percentages to demonstrate the value you brought to your previous roles.


Numbers speak volumes. When sharing your accomplishments in your Professional Experience section, include specific numerical values to solidify your claims. This can include how much you increased sales, the number of customers or accounts you managed, or the percentage by which you exceeded your targets. The boost in your credibility by backing your skills with quantifiable facts is immense.


Lastly, remember to tailor your Work Experience section to the job you're targeting. Companies appreciate candidates who take the time to align their skills and experience with the job requirements.

Remember, your resume mirrors your professional persona - present your work experience in just the right light to reflect who you are and what you bring to the potential employer.

Strong Experiences

  • Developed and implemented strategic sales plan that resulted in 30% increase in overall sales
  • Identified potential leads through precise market analysis, increasing potential customer base by 20%
  • Cultivated strong relationships with existing clients leading to 25% repeat business
  • Utilized advanced sales techniques to consistently meet and exceed sales objectives
  • Oversaw response to client inquiries and managed resolution of complex issues, delivering high level of customer satisfaction
  • Collaborated cross-functionally with marketing team to develop targeted sales pitches and improve product visibility

Why these are strong?

These examples are good because they are precise, measurable and convey impact. Including quantifiable achievements is a great way to illustrate the value you can bring to an organisation. Each bullet point begins with strong action words and tell a compelling story about your abilities and experiences. Moreover, they demonstrate a variety of skills, such as strategic planning, relationship building, teamwork and customer service. Using such specific and active language gives the employer a clear picture of your track record, skills and potential

Weak Experiences

  • Sold stuff
  • Made lots of phone calls
  • Had meetings
  • Did whatever the boss asked
  • Met targets
  • Got some new clients
  • Interacted with people

Why these are weak?

The above bullet points are identified as bad examples for a Sales Development Representative resume due to their ambiguity and lack of specifics. 'Sold stuff' or 'Made lots of phone calls' are too vague and do not communicate the true value or results that the person brought to their role. It also lacks key performance metrics or quantifiable achievements which are highly relevant in a sales role. Using generic phrases like 'Did whatever the boss asked' also undermines the applicant's ability to demonstrate their initiative or individual contributions. Instead, job seekers should aim to make each point clear, concise, and measurable, articulating not only their tasks but how well they performed them and what the results were.

Skills, Keywords & ATS Tips

Writing a Sales Development Representative resume requires a balance of showcasing both hard and soft skills. These two elements are like two sides of a coin, they complement each other. Let's dive deep into their importance and find out their connection with keywords and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems).

Hard Skills in a Sales Development Representative Resume

Hard skills are technical abilities or knowledge that you've gained through education or experience. In a Sales Development Representative's case, these might be proficiency in CRM software, sales techniques, and knowledge about product or industry. They are easy to measure and directly linked to your job performance.

Your hard skills can be the wedge that opens the door to getting an interview, as many companies track them via ATS. The Applicant Tracking System is a tool used by hiring teams to sort and filter applications. Your resume's compatibility with ATS can devastatingly affect your success rate, and here comes the part of ‘keywords.’

To increase the odds of your resume passing an ATS check, it's good to include substantial keywords. Keywords can be found in the job description and should be relevant to your hard skills. For instance, if the job description asks for "Experience with Salesforce CRM", and you have this experience, then "Salesforce CRM" should be included in your resume.

Soft Skills in a Sales Development Representative Resume

Soft skills, on the other hand, refer to your personality traits and behaviours. They are subjective, hard to quantify but crucial in a sales environment. Meaningful relationships in sales are built on excellent interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, good communication, empathy, and active listening. Even though they are not as measurable as hard skills, they still play a vital role in everyday sales tasks.

Although ATS focus on hard skills, hiring managers look for soft skills during interviews. Thus, soft skills in your resume can increase your chances for an interview.

Balancing Hard and Soft Skills in Your Resume

In a nutshell, both hard and soft skills have their place in your Sales Development Representative resume. Hard skills help you to get past the ATS and catch the attention of hiring managers initially, while soft skills allow you to stand out during interviews, showing you can not only do the job but fit the company culture as well.

Remember, your resume is not just a document, but it’s your story. It should tell employers about your capabilities, qualifications, and uniqueness. The perfect balanced blend of hard and soft skills can help you create a compelling narrative.

Top Hard & Soft Skills for Full Stack Developers

Hard Skills

  • Prospecting
  • Lead generation
  • CRM management
  • Salesforce proficiency
  • Cold calling
  • Email outreach
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Product knowledge
  • Negotiation
  • Closing techniques
  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Presentation skills
  • Data analysis
  • Networking
  • Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Active listening
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service
  • Self-motivation
  • Confidence
  • Persuasion
  • Relationship building
  • Positive attitude
  • Creativity
  • Top Action Verbs

    Use action verbs to highlight achievements and responsibilities on your resume.

  • Identified
  • Reached out
  • Engaged
  • Qualified
  • Presented
  • Negotiated
  • Closed
  • Followed up
  • Analyzed
  • Researched
  • Collaborated
  • Listened
  • Adapted
  • Resolved
  • Achieved
  • Prioritized
  • Influenced
  • Connected
  • Demonstrated
  • Followed through
  • Solved
  • Educated
  • Motivated
  • Innovated
  • Supported
  • Facilitated
  • Managed
  • Developed
  • Implemented
  • Coordinated
  • Evaluated
  • Advised
  • Guided
  • Closed deals
  • Exceeded targets
  • Built relationships
  • Delivered presentations
  • Education & Certifications

    As a Sales Development Representative, including your education and certificates on your resume can easily boost its efficacy. Start by creating an "Education" section near the bottom of your resume. Include your degree, school, location, and the year of graduation. For certificates, make a separate "Certifications" section above your experiences, list the certificate name, issuing organization, and date obtained. Key is to keep it concise and directly relevant to your field for a powerful impact.

    Some of the most important certifications for Sales Development Representatives

    The Sales Development Representative Certification covers prospecting, qualifying leads, and setting appointments for sales teams.

    Resume FAQs for Sales Development Representatives


    What is the ideal resume format for a Sales Development Representative?


    The most effective resume format for a Sales Development Representative is the reverse-chronological format. This format highlights your work experience and achievements in a clear and organized manner, which is crucial for sales roles.


    How long should a Sales Development Representative resume be?


    A Sales Development Representative resume should typically be one page in length. However, if you have extensive relevant experience, it can be up to two pages. The key is to be concise and highlight your most relevant qualifications and accomplishments.


    What should be included in the resume summary or objective for a Sales Development Representative?


    Your resume summary or objective should be a concise statement that highlights your relevant sales experience, key skills, and achievements. It should also convey your enthusiasm for the role and your ability to contribute to the company's success.


    How should I quantify my achievements on a Sales Development Representative resume?


    Quantifying your achievements is crucial for a Sales Development Representative resume. Include specific metrics such as sales quotas achieved, lead generation numbers, customer acquisition rates, or revenue generated. This demonstrates your ability to drive tangible results.


    What technical skills should I highlight on my Sales Development Representative resume?


    As a Sales Development Representative, you should highlight your proficiency with relevant sales tools and technologies, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, lead generation platforms, and data analysis tools. Additionally, mention your skills in prospecting, cold calling, and lead nurturing.


    How can I make my Sales Development Representative resume stand out?


    To make your Sales Development Representative resume stand out, focus on showcasing your unique value proposition. Highlight any industry-specific knowledge, certifications, or awards that demonstrate your expertise. Additionally, emphasize your ability to build relationships, communicate effectively, and drive results.

    Sales Development Representative Resume Example

    A Sales Development Representative generates leads and nurtures relationships with prospective customers through cold calls, emails, and lead qualification. Key skills: persuasive communication, customer relationship building, and proficiency with CRM tools. For an effective resume, highlight quantifiable achievements like quotas met or new accounts acquired. Demonstrate experience with lead generation campaigns and sales enablement software. Tailor the resume to the specific job role and company.

    Carlos Harrison
    (962) 521-7834
    Sales Development Representative

    Energetic and results-driven Sales Development Representative with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and expanding market share. Skilled in lead generation, customer relationship management, and consultative selling. Excels at building rapport with prospects, identifying their needs, and presenting tailored solutions. Committed to exceeding sales targets and contributing to company success.

    Work Experience
    Sales Development Representative
    06/2021 - Present
    • Consistently exceeded quarterly sales quotas by an average of 25% through effective prospecting and lead qualification.
    • Developed and implemented a new lead scoring system, resulting in a 30% increase in lead conversion rates.
    • Collaborated with marketing team to create targeted email campaigns, generating over $500K in pipeline revenue.
    • Conducted in-depth product demonstrations and webinars, showcasing value proposition to potential clients.
    • Mentored and trained 5 new Sales Development Representatives, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
    Inside Sales Representative
    02/2019 - 05/2021
    • Achieved 120% of annual sales quota, generating over $1.2M in revenue for the company.
    • Managed a pipeline of 200+ prospects, utilizing Outreach's sales engagement platform to streamline communication and follow-up.
    • Collaborated with Account Executives to develop and execute account-based selling strategies, resulting in 15 new enterprise clients.
    • Conducted in-depth competitor analysis and market research to identify new business opportunities and refine sales messaging.
    • Participated in regular sales training and product education sessions to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices.
    Business Development Representative
    08/2017 - 01/2019
    • Sourced and qualified leads through a combination of cold calling, email outreach, and social selling techniques.
    • Achieved an average lead-to-opportunity conversion rate of 18%, surpassing the team average by 5%.
    • Collaborated with marketing team to develop and launch a new lead nurturing campaign, resulting in a 25% increase in MQLs.
    • Conducted in-depth discovery calls with prospects to understand their business challenges and identify potential solutions.
    • Participated in regular sales coaching sessions and role-playing exercises to refine sales skills and techniques.
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Consultative Selling
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Account-Based Selling
  • Sales Presentations
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Salesforce
  • Outreach
  • HubSpot Sales
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Cold Calling
  • Email Outreach
  • Social Selling
  • Objection Handling
  • Negotiation
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    08/2013 - 05/2017
    University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    Inbound Sales Representative Resume Example

    An Inbound Sales Representative handles incoming sales inquiries, qualifies leads, and closes deals through exceptional communication skills. The role requires active listening, persuasiveness, and the ability to meet sales targets. When crafting a resume, highlight relevant sales achievements, product knowledge, and CRM proficiency. Use concise, quantified descriptions tailored to the job requirements. Emphasize your track record in converting inbound leads into customers.

    Kathryn Bowman
    (462) 492-3762
    Inbound Sales Representative

    Dynamic and results-driven Inbound Sales Representative with a proven track record of exceeding sales targets and delivering exceptional customer service. Skilled in building rapport, identifying customer needs, and providing tailored solutions to drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Adept at utilizing advanced CRM systems and data analytics to optimize sales processes and improve performance.

    Work Experience
    Inbound Sales Representative
    06/2021 - Present
    • Consistently exceeded monthly sales targets by an average of 25% through effective lead qualification and personalized product demonstrations.
    • Developed and implemented a new lead prioritization system, resulting in a 15% increase in conversion rates and a 20% reduction in average sales cycle length.
    • Collaborated with marketing team to create targeted email campaigns, leading to a 30% increase in inbound lead volume and a 10% improvement in lead quality.
    • Mentored and trained 5 new hires, contributing to a 95% retention rate and accelerated ramp-up time for new team members.
    • Received the "Sales Representative of the Year" award in 2022 for outstanding performance and contributions to the team's success.
    Customer Service Representative
    03/2019 - 05/2021
    • Maintained a customer satisfaction rating of 98% by providing prompt, accurate, and empathetic support across multiple channels.
    • Resolved an average of 100 customer inquiries per day, consistently meeting or exceeding department KPIs for response time and first-contact resolution.
    • Identified and escalated recurring customer issues to the product team, contributing to the development of 3 new features that improved user experience.
    • Created and maintained a comprehensive knowledge base of common customer questions and solutions, reducing average handle time by 25%.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to streamline customer service processes, resulting in a 20% increase in overall department efficiency.
    Sales Associate
    08/2017 - 02/2019
    Best Buy
    • Consistently met or exceeded monthly sales targets, contributing to a 15% increase in store revenue year-over-year.
    • Provided expert product knowledge and personalized recommendations to customers, resulting in a 20% increase in average order value.
    • Collaborated with store management to develop and execute sales promotions and events, driving a 25% increase in foot traffic and sales during peak periods.
    • Maintained accurate inventory records and assisted with product merchandising, ensuring optimal product availability and visual appeal.
    • Received multiple "Employee of the Month" awards for exceptional sales performance and customer service.
  • Sales prospecting
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Product demonstrations
  • CRM systems (Salesforce, HubSpot)
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Lead qualification and prioritization
  • Objection handling
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Active listening
  • Negotiation
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    08/2013 - 05/2017
    University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA