3 Software Sales Resume Examples & Writing Guide

A strong resume is vital for landing competitive software sales jobs. But what does a great software sales resume look like? We break down 3 real-world examples and share expert tips for writing your own. Whether you're an SDR or an enterprise AE, learn how to make your resume shine and get more interviews.

A great resume is essential for success in software sales. It's your chance to show hiring managers your skills, experience, and achievements. But writing a resume that gets noticed can be a challenge. That's where this guide comes in.

In this article, you'll find three software sales resume examples that demonstrate what a winning resume looks like. You'll also get tips on how to write each section of your resume, from the summary to the skills section. By the end, you'll have a clear idea of how to put together a resume that highlights your strengths and makes you stand out from other candidates.

Whether you're new to software sales or looking to advance in your career, having a well-written resume is key. So let's dive in and learn how to create a resume that will help you land your dream job in software sales.

Common Responsibilities Listed on Software Sales Resumes

  • Identify and prospect potential clients
  • Conduct product demonstrations and presentations
  • Build and maintain relationships with clients and partners
  • Understand client needs and provide software solutions
  • Negotiate and close sales deals
  • Achieve and exceed sales targets and quotas
  • Stay up-to-date with product knowledge and industry trends
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams (marketing, development, support)
  • Manage sales pipeline and customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Provide post-sales support and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Prepare sales reports and analyze sales performance metrics

How to write a Resume Summary

The summary or objective section on your resume is, in many ways, your first impression. Positioned at the top of the page, it’s often the first thing an employer reads, therefore making it your initial opportunity to explain who you are, what you bring to the table, and what you aim to achieve.

Who You Are

Think about your professional identity. If you're in software sales, perhaps you identify as an experienced B2B software sales professional, or a passionate software solution advocate. Choose a title that best represents you.

What You Bring to the Table

Next, reflect on your most significant accomplishments. Have you consistently achieved high sales targets? Have you pioneered new sales strategies? Take the essence of these accomplishments and condense them into a few, punchy sentences.

What You Aim to Achieve

A line or two about your professional aspirations will give potential employers a glimpse into your ambition and dedication. Whether it's climbing the corporate ladder or specializing in a particular product line, make sure to state what you're aiming for.

Proofread and Edit

Remember, this is the first piece of information potential employers will read so make sure it is free of errors and properly edited. Use a tool or ask someone to check for spelling or grammatical errors.

Keep it Clear and Direct

Last but not least, clarity and brevity are key. Limit yourself to a paragraph or two, ensuring that each sentence encapsulates a critical aspect of your professional persona.

To keep your summary or objective section engaging, remember to inject some personality into it. Employers don't just want to know what you can do - they want to know who you are. Are you enthusiastic, driven, innovative? Make sure these traits shine through in your writing.

In the end, your summary or objective section should paint a picture of your professional career and personal aspirations, while showing potential employers why they should consider you for their team. By following these recommendations, you are one step closer to crafting a resume that truly represents you.

Strong Summaries

  • Goal-oriented professional with over 7 years in the software sales industry, adept at B2B sales with demonstrated history of exceeding quotas by up to 150%.
  • Highly motivated software sales enthusiast with a track record of driving $5M+ in annual software sales. Skilled in strategic negotiations and customer relationship management.
  • Proven sales professional with 10+ years of experience in software industry, always exceeding sales targets. Specialize in forging strong relationships with clients and managing accounts to achieve sustainable growth.
  • Software sales expert with 5 years' experience in SaaS products. Proven proficiency in translating complex technical details into simple solutions for clients, resulting in significant increase in customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Dynamic sales leader with a decade of experience in selling software solutions, consistently outperformed sales targets by 20%. Expertise in cloud-based software products and strong network in the tech industry.

Why these are strong?

These examples are effective in summarizing professional experiences, achievements, and skills within the software sales industry. They highlight key metrics and achievements that provide concrete proof of the person's abilities and successes. Each starts with a strong descriptive adjective ('Goal-oriented', 'Highly motivated', 'Proven', 'Dynamic') and goes on to mention their years of experience in the field, specialties, and past successes. These summaries are not only fact-driven and concise but also tailored to the specific field of software sales, making them compelling for potential employers to read on and learn more about the candidates.

Weak Summaries

  • I sold software in my previous job and now I want to sell software in this job.
  • In my previous job, I used to sell many software and now I want to continue that.
  • I am a software sales professional. I like selling products.
  • I know how to sell software, now looking to grow my career in another company.
  • I used to do sales in the software industry. Hard worker and driven.

Why these are weak?

All of these examples are considered bad practices for a Professional Summary in a software sales resume for various reasons. It's important that a Professional Summary is specific, concise, emphasizes the individual's accomplished skills, and shows what the job candidate can bring to a new role.

In the first example, 'I sold software in my previous job and now I want to sell software in this job', the candidate does not distinguish themselves or provide key details about their experiences or skills. It lacks specificity and value, as the recruiter can't understand what exactly the candidate did in their past role or the results they achieved.

The second example, 'In my previous job, I used to sell many software and now I want to continue that', similar to the first one, does not provide any useful information about the applicant's skills, achievements, or what they could bring to the company. The statement 'I want to continue that' can be interpreted as lack of ambition or drive to grow and improve.

The third and fourth examples have similar shortcomings, they are vague, do not mention any specific skills or accomplishments. They essentially repeat the job description back to the recruiter, without adding any unique value or explaining how they overcame challenges.

The fifth example starts well by giving a context of the previous job, but fails to provide specific examples of work attributes 'Hard worker and driven'. It's always better to provide real examples which demonstrate these qualities.

Showcase your Work Experience

Why is a Work Experience Section Significant?

A resume is much like a map; it guides potential employers through your career journey, showcasing the skills you've amassed and the achievements you've unlocked. While every element has its weight, the Work Experience section often grabs the spotlight. This section is about showcasing past responsibilities, successful projects, and significant accomplishments within previous roles.

Whether you're new to the world of software sales or have been navigating it for years, a well-balanced and informative Work Experience section can open doors. It professionals who have demonstrated their skills effectively and have been a determinant of their organization's success are always in demand.

Have Clarity And Be Concise

In writing the Work Experience section, be clear, concise, and forthright. Start with the company name, your position, and employment dates structured in a reverse chronological format. This serves an employer's quick reference need, enabling them to immediately gauge your experience level.

Expert Tip

Quantify your achievements and impact using concrete numbers, metrics, and percentages to demonstrate the value you brought to your previous roles.

Highlight Achievements and Skills

Highlight tangible achievements instead of listing tasks. If you generated significant revenue, implemented a successful strategy, or launched a popular product, mention these. This gives prospective employers an idea of what you're capable of. Furthermore, don't underestimate the power of numbers, they provide solid, verifiable proof of your achievements.

Highlight the skills that you brought to each role - but always within the context of how it benefited the organization. Anyone can list a bunch of impressive skills, a potential employer needs evidence of effective utilization of those skills.

Customization is Key

While it's easy to write one general resume and use it for all job applications, customization makes the difference. Tailor your work experience section to match each job application. This demonstrates a strong interest in the role and shows you've spent time understanding the requirements - and how your experience lines up.

Use Action Words

Boost the impact of your Work Experience section by starting each point with a dynamic action word. 'Collaborated', 'guided', 'spearheaded', 'achieved', provide vivid imagery of your role and indicate you were not just a participant, but an active player in your organization's success.

Remember, the goal of the Work Experience section is to convince prospective employers that you have the skills and achievements that align with their needs. It's your narrative, a recounting of your journey that should make hiring managers want to be a part of your ongoing career adventure.

Strong Experiences

  • Led a team of 5 sales associates to consistently surpass quarterly targets by at least 15%
  • Introduced a robust customer relationship management system which improved client retention by 25%
  • Negotiated and closed 30 high-value deals including several Fortune 500 companies
  • Created and led a comprehensive sales training program, resulting in a 20% increase in team sales
  • Implemented data-driven sales strategies that enhanced lead generation by 35%

Why these are strong?

These examples are good because they are specific and measurable. They demonstrate not just the responsibilities the applicant held, but also their accomplishments and the impact they had on their previous organization. Each bullet point goes beyond merely listing a duty to highlighting successful outcomes. Also, they are quantified, most of the times HRs and Managers look for numbers which show clear achievements. These practices are highly recommended as they allow potential employers to gauge the potential value-add of the candidate based on their past performance.

Weak Experiences

  • Worked as a sales rep
  • Have experience in software
  • Did some administrative tasks
  • Dealt with customers
  • Made some sales
  • Handled software presentations
  • Know a bit about specific softwares
  • Had some trainings

Why these are weak?

These examples are overly vague and do not provide enough specificity or detail. They also do not point to any concrete achievements or metrics, which would otherwise provide value and demonstrate competence. Using generalized statements like 'Had some trainings' or 'Know a bit about specific softwares' don't assure the prospective employer of the candidates' prowess in the field. It is also crucial to show the results of 'making sales' or 'handling software presentations', which in turn indicates a measurable impact on the previous employer. A resume should focus on highlighting contributions and achievements rather than simple participations or roles.

Skills, Keywords & ATS Tips

When crafting a Software Sales resume, considering hard and soft skills is vital. These skills directly showcase your capabilities and reflect your potential as a job candidate. However, understanding the link between keywords, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and skills matching is equally important. Let's break this down in simpler language.

Hard & Soft Skills Importance

Hard skills are your technical abilities. They demonstrate your thorough understanding or proficiency in specific tasks or tools. For a Software Sales role, this might be competition analysis, product knowledge, or understanding essential softwares.

Soft skills, on the other hand, represent your personality traits or interpersonal abilities. This may include things such as communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. Often, your soft skills are the qualities that make you a good team player and a potent salesperson.

Incorporating both hard and soft skills into your resume is beneficial because it provides a well-rounded picture of who you are as a professional. Employers don't just want to see that you can perform tasks; they want to see your potential to contribute meaningfully to the work environment and add value to the team.

Keywords, ATS and Skills Matching Connection

An ATS is a system used by recruiters to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications they receive for open positions. When it scans a resume, it's looking for predetermined keywords that indicate a match for the job's skill requirements.

In the context of a Software Sales resume, these keywords might be specific hard and soft skills that are relevant to the job description. For example, presentations, time management, closing deals, and customer relationship management could all be keywords for this job.

By peppering your resume with appropriate keywords, particularly in the skills section, you amplify your chances of ranking higher in the ATS, thus increasing your likelihood of being seen and considered by a hiring manager.

Thus, the connection between these elements is about making the best possible impression. By spotlighting your hard and soft skills and tying them directly with keywords and ATS requirements, you position your resume to stand out in a crowded field. So, remember to use job-specific keywords and highlight various skills strategically while crafting your Software Sales resume.

Top Hard & Soft Skills for Full Stack Developers

Hard Skills

  • Product Knowledge
  • Sales Techniques
  • Negotiation
  • Market Research
  • CRM Software
  • Technical Acumen
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Lead Generation
  • Closing Deals
  • Presentation Skills
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Solution Selling
  • Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-Solving
  • Empathy
  • Time Management
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Customer Focus
  • Negotiation
  • Influencing Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Stress Management
  • Top Action Verbs

    Use action verbs to highlight achievements and responsibilities on your resume.

  • Analyzed
  • Negotiated
  • Closed
  • Presented
  • Managed
  • Developed
  • Collaborated
  • Achieved
  • Communicated
  • Influenced
  • Resolved
  • Identified
  • Established
  • Generated
  • Pitched
  • Prospected
  • Followed up
  • Demonstrated
  • Advised
  • Educated
  • Consulted
  • Implemented
  • Solved
  • Exceeded
  • Targeted
  • Coordinated
  • Facilitated
  • Supported
  • Maintained
  • Closed deals
  • Built relationships
  • Managed accounts
  • Drove revenue
  • Met quotas
  • Delivered presentations
  • Negotiated contracts
  • Provided solutions
  • Education & Certifications

    When adding education and certificates to your software sales resume, start by listing your highest level of education under the 'Education' section. Include the degree, institution, and graduation date. For certificates, create a separate section titled 'Certifications'. List the title of the certificate, awarding institution, and the completion date. Prioritize relevant certifications that align with software sales such as CRM or sales strategy certificates. Remember, the goal is to showcase your proficiency and commitment to ongoing learning in your field.

    Some of the most important certifications for Software Saless

    The CISP certification is ideal for inside sales professionals looking to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

    Resume FAQs for Software Saless


    What is the ideal length for a software sales resume?


    The ideal length for a software sales resume is typically one page. However, if you have extensive relevant experience, you can extend it to two pages. The key is to be concise and highlight your most relevant accomplishments and skills.


    What is the best format for a software sales resume?


    The most effective format for a software sales resume is the reverse-chronological format. This format lists your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position. It allows you to highlight your career progression and achievements in a clear and organized manner.


    How should I structure my software sales resume?


    A well-structured software sales resume should include the following sections: a summary or objective statement, work experience, key skills or core competencies, and any relevant certifications or training. You can also include additional sections like awards, publications, or volunteer work if applicable.


    What should I include in the work experience section of my software sales resume?


    In the work experience section, focus on quantifying your achievements and highlighting your software sales expertise. Include details such as sales targets met or exceeded, successful client acquisitions, and any notable revenue growth or customer satisfaction metrics. Use action verbs and specific numbers to demonstrate your impact.

    Software Sales Resume Example

    As a Software Sales representative, you'll be responsible for selling innovative software solutions to businesses. You'll leverage your technical knowledge to identify prospects, conduct demos, negotiate contracts, and drive revenue growth. Strong persuasion skills, persistence, and the ability to build relationships are essential. When crafting your resume, highlight your relevant technical expertise and quantifiable sales achievements. Use dynamic verbs like "spearheaded" or "propelled" to showcase your impact. Customize your resume to each job posting, aligning your background with the specific requirements. A well-tailored, accomplishment-driven resume will make you stand out.

    Devon Cruz
    (515) 205-6021
    Software Sales

    Highly motivated and results-driven software sales professional with a proven track record of exceeding sales quotas and building strong client relationships. Adept at identifying customer needs, presenting compelling solutions, and closing high-value deals. Passionate about emerging technologies and helping businesses leverage software to drive growth and efficiency.

    Work Experience
    Senior Account Executive
    01/2021 - Present
    • Consistently exceeded sales targets by 25% year-over-year, generating over $5 million in annual revenue.
    • Developed and executed strategic account plans, resulting in a 95% customer retention rate.
    • Led cross-functional teams to deliver customized software solutions for enterprise clients.
    • Conducted product demonstrations and presented value propositions to C-level executives.
    • Received the 'Sales Excellence Award' for outstanding performance and leadership.
    Software Sales Representative
    07/2018 - 12/2020
    • Achieved 120% of sales quota, contributing to the team's highest-ever annual revenue.
    • Prospected and nurtured leads through cold calling, email campaigns, and social media outreach.
    • Collaborated with marketing and product teams to develop targeted sales strategies.
    • Conducted software demos and presented product features to potential clients.
    • Mentored junior sales representatives, providing guidance on sales techniques and best practices.
    Inside Sales Representative
    09/2016 - 06/2018
    • Surpassed sales goals by 15% in the first year, securing new business from SMB clients.
    • Managed a pipeline of over 100 accounts, ensuring timely follow-ups and closing deals.
    • Collaborated with account executives to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
    • Participated in product training sessions to stay updated on the latest software features.
    • Received positive feedback from clients for providing exceptional customer service.
  • Consultative selling
  • Account management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Hubspot
  • Sales presentations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Solution selling
  • Business development
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Sales leadership
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    08/2012 - 05/2016
    University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
    Enterprise Software Sales Resume Example

    Enterprise Software Sales professionals market and sell complex software solutions to businesses, often managing large accounts. Crafting an effective resume involves highlighting quantifiable sales achievements, deep product knowledge, and the ability to build strong client relationships. Emphasize your experience in the software industry, a track record of closing high-value deals, and expertise in consultative selling. Use action verbs to describe responsibilities and quantify accomplishments, keeping the content concise yet tailored to the specific role. Showcase your unique value proposition as a software sales professional.

    Tim Steeves
    (988) 671-2208
    Enterprise Software Sales

    Dynamic and results-driven Enterprise Software Sales professional with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and building long-lasting client relationships. Skilled in consultative selling, solution architecting, and navigating complex sales cycles. Adept at understanding client needs and aligning them with innovative software solutions to drive business value.

    Work Experience
    Senior Enterprise Account Executive
    01/2020 - Present
    • Consistently exceeded annual sales targets by 30%, generating over $10M in revenue for the company.
    • Developed and executed strategic account plans, resulting in a 95% customer retention rate.
    • Led cross-functional teams to deliver customized software solutions for Fortune 500 clients.
    • Conducted product demos and workshops, showcasing the value of Salesforce solutions to key decision-makers.
    • Mentored and coached junior sales team members, contributing to their professional development and success.
    Enterprise Sales Manager
    06/2017 - 12/2019
    • Achieved 120% of annual sales quota, closing multi-million dollar deals with enterprise clients.
    • Built and maintained a robust pipeline of qualified leads through networking and prospecting efforts.
    • Collaborated with product and engineering teams to ensure successful implementation and adoption of Oracle solutions.
    • Negotiated complex contracts and managed client relationships to ensure long-term partnerships.
    • Received the 'Top Performer' award for outstanding sales performance and client satisfaction.
    Software Sales Account Executive
    09/2014 - 05/2017
    • Surpassed sales targets by 25% year-over-year, contributing to the growth of the enterprise software division.
    • Identified and pursued new business opportunities, expanding the client base and market share.
    • Delivered compelling product presentations and demonstrations to showcase Microsoft's software solutions.
    • Collaborated with marketing and product teams to develop targeted campaigns and sales collateral.
    • Provided exceptional client support, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Consultative Selling
  • Solution Selling
  • Account Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Prospecting
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Presentation Skills
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Sales Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    08/2010 - 05/2014
    University of California, Berkeley,
    Software Sales Executive Resume Example

    Software Sales Executives are the driving force behind bringing innovative enterprise software solutions to businesses. They excel at identifying promising leads, crafting compelling product pitches through captivating presentations and demos, and negotiating lucrative deals. When writing a resume for this role, make sure to showcase your top-notch communication abilities and deep technical knowledge. Quantify your past achievements by highlighting impressive sales numbers and major client acquisitions. Illustrate how you thrive in fast-paced environments while utilizing your persuasive skills to seal the deal.

    Miriam Richards
    (572) 594-5788
    Software Sales Executive

    Dynamic and results-driven Software Sales Executive with a proven track record of driving revenue growth and building long-lasting client relationships. Adept at identifying market opportunities, crafting tailored solutions, and negotiating complex deals. Passionate about staying at the forefront of technology trends and leveraging industry knowledge to exceed sales targets consistently.

    Work Experience
    Senior Software Sales Executive
    06/2019 - Present
    • Consistently exceeded annual sales targets by an average of 25% through strategic account management and new business development.
    • Secured a multi-million dollar enterprise deal with a Fortune 500 company, resulting in a 15% increase in overall revenue for the fiscal year.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns, leading to a 30% increase in qualified leads.
    • Mentored and coached a team of junior sales representatives, contributing to a 20% improvement in their individual sales performance.
    • Implemented a new sales methodology that streamlined the sales process and reduced the average sales cycle by 25%.
    Software Sales Executive
    03/2016 - 05/2019
    • Achieved 120% of sales quota for three consecutive years, ranking among the top 5 sales executives in the company.
    • Developed and nurtured a pipeline of over 100 qualified leads, resulting in a 50% increase in closed deals year-over-year.
    • Collaborated with the product team to provide valuable customer insights, influencing the development of new features and enhancements.
    • Created and delivered compelling sales presentations and demos, showcasing the value proposition of HubSpot's software solutions.
    • Managed and expanded relationships with key accounts, resulting in a 90% client retention rate and significant upsell opportunities.
    Inside Sales Representative
    08/2014 - 02/2016
    • Consistently exceeded monthly sales targets by an average of 30% through proactive outreach and lead qualification.
    • Managed a high-volume pipeline of inbound leads, successfully converting 40% of qualified leads into closed deals.
    • Collaborated with the marketing team to develop targeted email campaigns, resulting in a 25% increase in open and click-through rates.
    • Maintained meticulous records in Salesforce CRM, ensuring data accuracy and facilitating smooth handoffs to account executives.
    • Participated in regular product training sessions to stay up-to-date with Oracle's software offerings and deliver informed sales pitches.
  • Consultative Selling
  • Account Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Salesforce CRM
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Sales Presentations
  • Sales Coaching
  • Solution Selling
  • Sales Analytics
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    09/2010 - 05/2014
    University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA