4 Substitute Teacher Resume Examples & Writing Guide

Boost your odds of landing substitute teacher jobs with a standout resume. See 4 real resume examples from hired substitute teachers. Discover what to include and avoid in your resume, section by section. Plus, get expert writing tips to make your qualifications shine. With this complete guide, you'll have the tools to get more interviews and job offers.

In today's competitive job market, having a well-written resume is key to landing a position as a substitute teacher. Your resume is often the first impression you make on potential employers, so it's important to make it count. A great substitute teacher resume clearly highlights your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications in a way that stands out.

But what exactly should you include in your substitute teacher resume? How can you make sure it effectively showcases your abilities and catches the eye of hiring managers? In this article, we'll break down the essential components of a winning substitute teacher resume. We'll provide tips on what to include and how to format your resume for maximum impact.

Plus, we'll share four real-life examples of successful substitute teacher resumes. These samples will give you a clear idea of what your resume should look like and the kind of content to include. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your substitute teaching career, these examples will provide valuable inspiration for crafting your own standout resume.

By the end of this article, you'll have all the knowledge and tools you need to create a compelling substitute teacher resume that gets results. Let's dive in and start building a resume that will help you land your dream substitute teaching job.

Common Responsibilities Listed on Substitute Teacher Resumes

  • Maintain classroom discipline and manage student behavior
  • Implement lesson plans and instructional activities prepared by the regular teacher
  • Provide instruction and guidance to students in the absence of the regular teacher
  • Create a positive and engaging learning environment
  • Monitor and assist students during classwork and assignments
  • Administer tests and assessments as required
  • Maintain accurate records of student attendance and academic progress
  • Ensure the classroom is clean and organized
  • Adhere to school policies, procedures, and regulations
  • Communicate effectively with administrators, faculty, and parents/guardians
  • Attend staff meetings and professional development sessions
  • Supervise students during non-instructional times (e.g., lunch, recess)
  • Adapt teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles
  • Foster a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students

How to write a Resume Summary

The Power of a Strong Summary/Objective

The value of an exceptional summary or objective section at the start of a resume, which articulates your motivations and outlines your qualifications and experiences, shouldn't be underestimated. Particularly for roles wherein you need to swiftly demonstrate not only professional capacity but also personal commitment, such as a Substitute Teacher. Success here won’t be achieved by mere listing of accomplishments; it requires energetically distilling what makes you the right fit.

To begin, your summary needs to capture attention. As a Substitute Teacher, the person reading your resume is looking for evidence of adaptability, strong classroom management skills, a passion for education, and the ability to hit the ground running. Reference these vital skills succinctly yet thoughtfully, sketched in an appealing, understandable manner.

But remember, every word fans the flame of this first impression. Avoid introducing yourself with empty adjectives. Instead, indicate relevant accomplishments and strengths. If you've received praise for your ability to engage students or for being a rapid learner, express it here. A good writing rule is to show, not tell. Rather than affirming you're a hard worker, reveal hard-working characteristics with evidence of your past endeavors.

Ensuring your resume is tailored uniquely is essential as well. Your summary isn't just about reflecting your professional history. It's about aligning that past with the role you're aiming for. Have an understanding about what the school or organization values, whether that's innovation in teaching methods, fostering strong communities, student success rates, or whatever else it might be.

While you want to remain genuine, remember your summary/objective section shouldn’t be entirely personal. It's vital to convey a professional front. Thus, keep it focused on your professional capabilities and resonating with the job description.

Demonstrating Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness

Speaking with authenticity in terms that demonstrate your authority is crucial, especially in educational fields. Undoubtfully, a Substitute Teacher needs to display these qualities. Show your knowledge by pinpointing specific areas you excel in. Perhaps it’s dealing with disruptive classrooms, or maybe it’s delivering challenging curriculum in an engaging format. Talking with specificity enhances trust, exhibits your level of expertise and demonstrates authority in your profession.

Ensuring Content Readability

Above all, keeping sentences clear, concise, and free from jargon fosters readability. This isn't just important for ease of understanding, but it also serves as a testimony of your communication skills which are so vital in the realm of education.

In sum, engage your reader early with a captivating, tailor-made summary. Avoid generic phrases and instead, be precise about your experience and how they apply to the role. Develop trust through demonstrating your wisdom in focused statements. Evidently, this stage is an opportunity, so make strong decisions on your word choice, and aim to connect with your reader authentically without losing your professional demeanor.

Strong Summaries

  • Experienced Substitute Teacher with a master's in elementary education and a passion for developing young minds. Proven track record of enhancing students' academic performance by implementing innovative and interactive learning strategies. Skilled in building positive relationships with students, teachers and parents.
  • Substitute Teacher with over five years of experience in the education sector with a dedication to personalizing education for students. Known for providing pupils with individual attention and applying creative teaching methods to make learning fun and effective. Seeking an opportunity to apply these skills to a new role.
  • Recent graduate with a bachelor's in education bringing a fresh perspective into the learning environment. Dedicated Substitute Teacher with a passion for encouraging students to achieve their full potential. Offering a solid understanding of the latest teaching methodologies and equipped with strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Accomplished Substitute Teacher with excellent communication skills and the ability to connect with diverse student populations. Capable of adapting to different learning styles and providing a stable and safe learning environment for students. Equipped with a degree in education and hands-on experience in lesson planning and classroom management.

Why these are strong?

These examples are good because they clearly showcase the candidate's qualifications and skills. They provide information about their education background, experience and unique areas of strength. They also communicate the candidate's passion for teaching and focus on benefiting the students. These summaries provide a clear vision of what kind of teacher the candidate will be and how they will add value to the school or the education system. Professional summaries like these are good practice because they not only give an overview of the candidate's professional profile but also they make a good first impression, giving employers a reason to continue reading the resume.

Weak Summaries

  • I am a substitute teacher looking for a job. Please hire me. I can teach.
  • Teacher seeking for substitution position. I enjoy summer vacations and weekends off. Education is important.
  • Not an ordinary substitute teacher. I teach sometimes. I am looking for a school where attendance is not mandatory.
  • Substitute teaching somewhere is my next goal. I think children are our future and stuff.

Why these are weak?

A professional summary should succinctly present a candidate's qualifications and value proposition. However, the above examples are all flawed in various ways. The first example is extremely brief and doesn't describe the candidate's qualifications, experience, or abilities. It shows lack of effort and professionalism. The second example showcases the candidate's personal desires more than their dedication to teaching. The third and fourth examples show a lack of seriousness towards the profession, lack of ambition and the responsibility that comes with teaching. They also show lack of specificity which may seem generalized and not tailored for a specific job application. These conclusions can yield negative perceptions, which is why these summaries constitute bad practice. They lack in detail, focus, and professional tone necessary for a sound professional summary.

Showcase your Work Experience

Why Work Experience Matters

In the vast panorama of any resume, the Work Experience section carries substantial weight. It's where your professional narrative unfolds. A skillfully constructed Work Experience section can clearly communicate your suitability and potential as a candidate. Every job you've had, from Substitute Teacher roles to other temporary positions, contributes to this narrative. This specific section enables potential employers to ascertain your skill set, understand past responsibilities, and conclude what you can bring to the table. However, it's essential to not just list your previous roles but depict a story of your professional journey. Well-administered, this can be a potent tool in your CV.

Constructing The Narrative

Think of your Work Experience section as a platform to communicate your dedication, commitment, and evolution as a professional, especially as a Substitute Teacher. Hierarchical timelines are commonplace for recording past roles (latest roles coming first, followed by the previous ones). While following this approach, make sure each job lists:

  • The position you held
  • Name and location of the institution
  • Duration of your tenure
  • A concise list of responsibilities and accomplishments

Remember to ensure the chronology of your work history.

Expert Tip

Quantify your achievements and impact using concrete numbers, metrics, and percentages to demonstrate the value you brought to your previous roles.

Enhancing Work Experience Content

Next, crowd your Work Experience section with the right information. Focus on highlighting responsibilities that align with the job you're applying for. Quantify your performance where possible. Numbers provide clear evidence of your performance, creating a more persuasive narrative.

But remember, never exaggerate your accomplishments or job responsibilities. Authenticity is a significant currency in the professional world.

Placing Emphasis on Relevant Roles

Without excluding any notable experience, you might want to emphasize the roles most relevant to the position for which you're applying. In the instance of a Substitute Teacher, roles in instruction, curriculum development or other educational settings might play a crucial part. Reinforce these relevant positions with meaningful accomplishments or skills acquired. Demonstrating progression or continual learning can particularly enhance your desirability.

Being a Substitute Teacher, you’re in a unique position where every role counts, every day counts, every interaction counts. Displaying all these in a meaningful, coherent, and concise manner can pave the way towards landing the opportunity you desire.

Remember, everyone has a fascinating professional story. The Work Experience section is your chance to narratively piece this together and share with a future employer what they can expect from you should you join their team.

And rest assured, your story is worth telling and can resonate powerfully with potential employers.

Finally, never allow yourself to underestimate the value of your professional journey, especially as a Substitute Teacher - a role that requires adaptation, energy, and a genuine desire to make a difference. These are traits employers look to attract and retain.

(Note: Following completion of your written portion, you might want to consider adding illustrative good/bad examples to visually reinforce and supplement your textual content.)

Proofread, Critique, and Refine

And never shy away from proofreading and refining where necessary. The pursuit of perfection might be a never-ending journey, but it could set your professional narrative apart from others.

Strong Experiences

  • Administered lesson plans to students in the absence of regular teachers across grades 1-6
  • Motivated student participation in lessons and extracurricular activities to promote learning engagement
  • Implemented classroom management techniques to maintain a focused and disciplined learning environment
  • Adapted teaching style and class materials to suit unique student needs and learning abilities
  • Collaborated with fellow substitute teachers to share resources and best practices

Why these are strong?

The above mentioned examples showcase the candidate's ability to step into a teacher's shoes efficiently and effectively. The descriptions highlight key skills such as administration of lesson plans, motivation of students, classroom management abilities, adaptation to students' unique learning needs, and collaborative work with colleagues. All these skills are transferrable and highly relevant for a Substitute Teacher position, making them good practices for a resume. Providing concrete examples of assignments or responsibilities held in past positions, rather than vague descriptions, also makes these 'good' examples.

Weak Experiences

  • * Worked as a substitute teacher
  • * Taught in a school
  • * Handled some classes
  • * Did teacher's duties
  • * Managed some teaching work

Why these are weak?

The above bullet points are considered bad for a variety of reasons. They lack specificity and fail to demonstrate the unique contributions the individual made in their role. They do not quantify successes, include action verbs, or describe the context or results of the individual's work. Instead, they rely on vague descriptions like 'handled some classes' or 'did teacher's duties'. By not including details like the type of class (e.g., grade level, subject), number of students taught, or specific duties performed, these bullet points present a flat, unengaging depiction of the individual's experience. This is bad practice as it doesn't allow potential employers to understand the breadth and depth of the individual's experiences and skills.

Skills, Keywords & ATS Tips

Understanding the importance of hard and soft skills in a Substitute Teacher resume is crucial in job hunting. It's also essential to know about Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and their direct relation to skills and keywords. This easy-to-follow guide will provide you with all this necessary information.

The Role of Hard and Soft Skills

Firstly, let's talk about hard and soft skills. Hard skills are teachable abilities that are easy to quantify. For instance, in a substitute teacher's role, it may include your ability to plan and schedule lessons, proficiency in a particular subject, or special education experience. On the other hand, soft skills often revolve around your personal attributes and interaction with others. These could include your communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and your capacity to work in a team. These skills are highly valued in a learning environment and contribute immensely to your successful performance as a substitute teacher.

The Connection Between Keywords, ATS, and Skills

The connection between keywords, ATS and skills in the resume is crucial to understand. An ATS is a software tool that many employers use to sort applicants' resumes. Using specific keywords in your substitute teacher resume increases the potential of having your resume selected by an ATS.

Unfortunately, an ATS doesn't understand sentences or long texts, it scans the resume for specific keywords, often indicated in the job description, to select the best fits.

Matching Skills with Job Descriptions

This leads us to the importance of matching our skills with the job description. When employers seek a substitute teacher, they describe the ideal candidate in terms of tasks and duties (implied hard skills), and in terms of personal qualities and characteristics (implied soft skills). By using the same keywords in the skills section of a resume, you can increase the chances of passing the ATS check.

Review the job description carefully. Identify the hard and soft skills the employer values the most, and then make sure to highlight these same skills in your resume. This way, your resume will not only pass the ATS check, but it will also clearly present yourself as the ideal candidate for the position.

Top Hard & Soft Skills for Full Stack Developers

Hard Skills

  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum development
  • Subject knowledge
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Technology integration
  • Adaptability
  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emergency response
  • Behavior management
  • Data analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Professional development
  • Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Adaptability
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Organization
  • Teamwork
  • Cultural competence
  • Critical thinking
  • Stress management
  • Resilience
  • Positive attitude
  • Top Action Verbs

    Use action verbs to highlight achievements and responsibilities on your resume.

  • Managed
  • Facilitated
  • Instructed
  • Adapted
  • Collaborated
  • Assessed
  • Differentiated
  • Communicated
  • Planned
  • Evaluated
  • Engaged
  • Implemented
  • Supported
  • Motivated
  • Demonstrated
  • Guided
  • Resolved
  • Organized
  • Designed
  • Evaluated
  • Coordinated
  • Responded
  • Developed
  • Utilized
  • Analyzed
  • Promoted
  • Encouraged
  • Inspired
  • Managed behavior
  • Evaluated performance
  • Adapted lessons
  • Provided feedback
  • Maintained discipline
  • Established rapport
  • Fostered relationships
  • Resolved conflicts
  • Implemented strategies
  • Education & Certifications

    Creating a strong resume as a Substitute Teacher means showcasing your education and certifications prominently. Start by having a dedicated section entitled "Education" or "Certifications and Education". List your degrees in reverse chronological order, stating the degree type, institution's name, and completion year. For certifications, include the certificate name, the institution that issued it, and the year you obtained it. If you're still pursuing a degree or certification, mention it as "In progress". This approach highlights your academic achievements and credentials clearly.

    Some of the most important certifications for Substitute Teachers

    Certification program for substitute teachers

    Resume FAQs for Substitute Teachers


    What is the ideal format for a substitute teacher resume?


    The ideal format for a substitute teacher resume is a reverse-chronological format, which lists your most recent experience first. This format is preferred by most employers and makes it easy for them to quickly scan your qualifications and work history.


    How long should a substitute teacher resume be?


    A substitute teacher resume should typically be one page in length. However, if you have extensive relevant experience or additional certifications, it can be up to two pages. The key is to be concise and highlight your most relevant qualifications and achievements.


    What sections should be included in a substitute teacher resume?


    A well-structured substitute teacher resume should include the following sections: a professional summary or objective statement, work experience, education, certifications, and relevant skills. You may also include additional sections like professional development, awards, or volunteer experience if applicable.


    How can I make my substitute teacher resume stand out?


    To make your substitute teacher resume stand out, highlight your classroom management skills, flexibility, and ability to adapt to different teaching environments. Quantify your achievements, such as maintaining high student engagement or implementing successful lesson plans. Additionally, tailor your resume to the specific school district or grade level you're applying for.

    Substitute Teacher Resume Example

    A substitute teacher fills in temporarily for absent full-time teachers, delivering planned lessons and maintaining classroom discipline. Their core responsibilities involve reviewing lesson plans, managing students, and ensuring educational continuity. For a strong substitute teacher resume, highlight any prior classroom experience and training in classroom management and instruction. Quantify your ability to adapt to new environments quickly. Include relevant certifications and endorsements. Use action verbs conveying qualities like flexibility, patience, and student engagement.

    Jennie Jennings
    (733) 543-0860
    Substitute Teacher

    Dedicated and versatile educator with a passion for creating engaging learning experiences. Adept at adapting to diverse classroom environments and fostering a positive atmosphere conducive to student growth and development. Committed to supporting the unique needs of each student while maintaining a well-managed classroom.

    Work Experience
    Substitute Teacher
    08/2021 - Present
    Chicago Public Schools
    • Maintained continuity of instruction by following lesson plans and adapting teaching methods to meet individual student needs.
    • Collaborated with regular classroom teachers to ensure a smooth transition and consistent learning experience for students.
    • Utilized positive behavior management strategies to create a safe and inclusive classroom environment.
    • Demonstrated flexibility and adaptability by teaching a wide range of subjects across multiple grade levels.
    • Provided timely and constructive feedback to students, encouraging their academic and personal growth.
    06/2019 - 07/2021
    Kumon Learning Center
    • Conducted one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions for students in math and reading.
    • Assessed student progress and developed individualized learning plans to address specific areas of improvement.
    • Communicated regularly with parents and guardians to discuss student achievements and challenges.
    • Assisted in the development and implementation of engaging learning activities and materials.
    • Maintained accurate records of student attendance, progress, and achievements.
    Camp Counselor
    06/2018 - 08/2018
    YMCA Camp MacLean
    • Supervised and guided a diverse group of campers aged 8-12 in daily activities and excursions.
    • Planned and led engaging educational and recreational activities, promoting teamwork and personal growth.
    • Ensured the safety and well-being of campers by enforcing camp rules and protocols.
    • Served as a positive role model, providing emotional support and guidance to campers.
    • Collaborated with fellow counselors to create a cohesive and enjoyable camp experience for all participants.
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Positive behavior support
  • Curriculum development
  • Educational technology integration
  • Student assessment and evaluation
  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Multitasking and adaptability
  • Conflict resolution
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Special education accommodations
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Recordkeeping and documentation
  • First Aid and CPR certified
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    08/2014 - 05/2018
    Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL
    Substitute Teacher with No Experience Resume Example

    A substitute teacher's role is to step in for the regular classroom teacher during their absence, ensuring seamless continuity of the educational process. They follow detailed lesson plans, manage classroom activities, and maintain an engaging yet disciplined environment. When crafting a resume with no prior teaching experience, highlight relevant coursework focused on instructional methods and child psychology. Any volunteering stint involving mentoring or supervising children can demonstrate your affinity for working with young minds. Most importantly, emphasize invaluable qualities like patience, strong communication abilities, adaptability to diverse classroom scenarios, and proven skills in classroom management tactics.

    Rick Alvarez
    (800) 344-8721
    Substitute Teacher with No Experience

    Enthusiastic and adaptable educator with a passion for creating engaging learning environments. Adept at tailoring lessons to meet the diverse needs of students across various subjects and grade levels. Committed to fostering a supportive classroom atmosphere that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and personal growth.

    Work Experience
    Volunteer Tutor
    09/2022 - Present
    LA Public Library
    • Provided one-on-one tutoring sessions for students in grades K-12, focusing on reading, writing, and math skills
    • Collaborated with library staff to develop and implement educational programs and workshops for students
    • Assisted in creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for all students
    • Demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills when interacting with students, parents, and library staff
    • Received positive feedback from students and parents for the impact made on students' academic performance and confidence
    Summer Camp Counselor
    06/2021 - 08/2021
    YMCA of San Diego County
    • Supervised and guided a group of 20+ children aged 6-12 during daily activities and field trips
    • Planned and led engaging educational activities, sports, and arts and crafts sessions
    • Ensured the safety and well-being of all campers by enforcing camp rules and protocols
    • Collaborated with fellow counselors to create a fun and inclusive camp experience for all participants
    • Received recognition from camp management for exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills
    Teacher's Aide
    01/2020 - 12/2020
    Bright Horizons Child Care Center
    • Assisted lead teachers in implementing daily lesson plans and activities for children aged 2-5
    • Provided individualized attention and support to children with diverse learning needs and backgrounds
    • Maintained a safe, clean, and organized classroom environment conducive to learning and play
    • Communicated regularly with parents regarding their child's progress, needs, and achievements
    • Demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in managing classroom dynamics and resolving conflicts
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Student engagement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communication
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Collaboration
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Technology integration
  • First Aid and CPR certified
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Education
    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    09/2016 - 06/2020
    University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
    Long Term Substitute Teacher Resume Example

    A long-term substitute teacher fills in for absent teachers over extended periods, maintaining classroom routines, delivering lesson plans, and ensuring student engagement. Successful candidates have a teaching certification, strong classroom management abilities, and a talent for building rapport with students. When crafting your resume, clearly showcase your relevant teaching experience, credentials, and commitment to student learning. Highlight specific examples of effective lesson planning, facilitating engaging lessons, and managing diverse classroom environments. Tailor your resume to each opportunity, emphasizing the qualities most desired by the hiring school.

    Hugh Ellis
    (941) 595-8141
    Long Term Substitute Teacher

    Dedicated and versatile Long Term Substitute Teacher with a passion for fostering student growth and creating engaging learning environments. Adept at adapting to diverse classroom settings and collaborating with faculty to ensure continuity of education. Committed to providing individualized support and implementing innovative teaching strategies to maximize student potential.

    Work Experience
    Long Term Substitute Teacher
    08/2022 - Present
    Oakwood Elementary School
    • Assumed full teaching responsibilities for 4th grade class for a 3-month period, maintaining a structured and nurturing classroom environment.
    • Developed and implemented lesson plans aligned with state standards, incorporating interactive activities and differentiated instruction.
    • Collaborated with grade-level team to ensure seamless integration of curriculum and continuity of student progress.
    • Utilized positive behavior management techniques, resulting in improved student engagement and a 15% reduction in disciplinary issues.
    • Communicated regularly with parents through various channels, providing updates on student performance and addressing concerns promptly.
    Substitute Teacher
    01/2021 - 07/2022
    Chicago Public Schools
    • Served as a substitute teacher across multiple grade levels and subject areas, demonstrating adaptability and quick problem-solving skills.
    • Maintained a positive and inclusive classroom environment, promoting respect and collaboration among students.
    • Implemented engaging lesson plans and activities, ensuring continuity of learning and adherence to established classroom routines.
    • Utilized technology to enhance instruction, incorporating interactive whiteboards and educational software to support student learning.
    • Provided individualized support to students with diverse learning needs, collaborating with special education teachers and support staff.
    06/2020 - 12/2021
    Sylvan Learning Center
    • Provided one-on-one and small group tutoring to students in grades K-8, focusing on reading, writing, and math skills.
    • Assessed student strengths and weaknesses, developing personalized learning plans to address individual needs and learning styles.
    • Collaborated with parents and teachers to align tutoring sessions with classroom curriculum and student goals.
    • Utilized evidence-based instructional strategies and engaging materials to improve student comprehension and academic performance.
    • Maintained detailed progress reports and communicated regularly with parents, providing updates on student achievements and areas for improvement.
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Curriculum development
  • Technology integration
  • Student assessment
  • Positive behavior support
  • Special education accommodations
  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Education
    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    08/2016 - 05/2020
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
    Entry Level Substitute Teacher Resume Example

    An entry-level substitute teacher is responsible for leading classroom instruction, maintaining an effective learning environment, and ensuring student safety when the regular teacher is absent. Key qualifications include a bachelor's degree, classroom management skills, and the ability to adapt quickly to new settings. When crafting your resume, highlight any experience working with children through roles like tutoring, camp counseling, or volunteering. Emphasize transferable skills such as patience, creativity in lesson planning, and the ability to build positive relationships with students. Use concrete examples to demonstrate your classroom readiness and commitment to student growth.

    Morris Morgan
    (737) 610-6134
    Entry Level Substitute Teacher

    Motivated and adaptable educator with a passion for fostering student growth and creating inclusive learning environments. Adept at implementing engaging lesson plans and collaborating with faculty to ensure a seamless educational experience.

    Work Experience
    Substitute Teacher
    09/2022 - Present
    Chicago Public Schools
    • Demonstrated flexibility by effectively adapting to various grade levels and subject areas on short notice.
    • Maintained a positive and engaging classroom environment, promoting student participation and learning.
    • Collaborated with regular classroom teachers to ensure continuity of instruction and adherence to lesson plans.
    • Utilized various teaching strategies to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs.
    • Managed classroom behavior and enforced school policies to create a safe and productive learning environment.
    Summer Camp Counselor
    06/2021 - 08/2021
    YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
    • Designed and led engaging educational activities for children aged 6-12.
    • Supervised and mentored campers, ensuring their safety and well-being throughout the day.
    • Collaborated with fellow counselors to plan and execute themed weekly activities and events.
    • Communicated effectively with parents regarding camper progress and addressed any concerns.
    • Demonstrated flexibility and problem-solving skills in managing daily challenges and adapting to camper needs.
    Volunteer Tutor
    09/2020 - 05/2021
    Chicago Youth Centers
    • Provided one-on-one and small group tutoring to elementary school students in various subjects.
    • Developed individualized learning plans to address each student's unique needs and learning style.
    • Collaborated with teachers and parents to monitor student progress and adjust tutoring strategies as needed.
    • Created engaging and interactive learning materials to enhance student understanding and retention.
    • Served as a positive role model, encouraging students to develop a love for learning and achieve their full potential.
  • Classroom management
  • Lesson planning
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Educational technology integration
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Student engagement strategies
  • Curriculum development
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Social-emotional learning (SEL)
  • Effective communication
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Education
    Bachelor of Arts in Education
    08/2018 - 05/2022
    University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL